Friday, March 19, 2010

Rabbit’s Moon Window Installation
and Jewelry Collection
by Aragon LTD

Sarah McLaughlin and Meghan Lorenz are killing it at Dovetail. Just look at that window! In the short week that it has been up, their installation has received so many compliments. We love it! Customers love their jewelry too.

Aragon’s first collection and window display are both inspired by avant-garde director Kenneth Anger. Rabbit's Moon goes beyond their taxidermy neon pink-tipped rabbit foot lariats, and mirrored necklaces. Anger's cinematic manifestations of occult practices are captured in crystal necklaces, skull earrings, alter-boy cross necklaces, and rib cage necklaces. The collection has managed to touch the physiological realm, mimicking ink blot tests formations out of upholstery rope and delving into the psychedelic colors of his films, with our tie dye necklaces.

If you weren’t able to make it to the party last week, you still have time to check out the window and their line of jewelry through the end of the month.

Dovetail Chicago :: 1452 W Chicago Ave :: (312) 243-3100 ::

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