Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kyle Harter Art Opening Friday!!


Stop by Dovetail on Friday October 3 from 8-10pm as we celebrate local artist Kyle Harter. Kyle designed a collection of art exclusively for Dovetail. All art will be in on sale starting October 3, through the first week of November. Drinks and snacks for all in attendance. Hope to see you Friday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Vintage Gucci Belts!!

We recently acquired two very chic authentic Gucci belts--serial numbers and all.

One is black patent leather; the other is rich cordovan leather. Both have the iconic gold Gucci "G" emblem and equal instant hotness. What's more exciting is that they're less than 1/3 the asking price of new Gucci belt and (in our opinion) better looking than the ones out this season at

Check them out before they're gone!!

We Found a Billy Goat...

and we're keeping it!

Welcome the newest addition to the Dovetail family: Billy Goat Squirrel Pigeon.

She can be found at Dovetail, welcoming guests, napping on the furniture, batting at hangtags, and fattening up. She's come quite a long way since Jennifer found her two weeks ago. Now she's cleaned up, healthy, and making minimum wage as our faithful guard cat. Watch out--she's ferocious!

*Tuckered out after an intense session with the furminator.

a good tailor goes a long way

Taking a vintage piece that's too long or too baggy to a tailor is an inexpensive way ($5-$40, depending on how much you want to alter) to own a custom-fit and often one-of-a-kind garment. Here's proof:

Charlotte bought this dress from Dovetail (it used to be Julie's mom's!!) and took it to a tailor to remove six inches from the bottom so that it rests above her knee. Lovely!