Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Accessory for Every Man

While it may be true that clothes make the man, a little known fact is that accessories make the man stylish. Though clothes are more prominent, accessories--like all fine details--offer more information about the person wearing them as well as the opportunity for fun in men's otherwise limited wardrobe options.

Ties are a great way to express creativity in a man's wardrobe. Are you as skinny tie or a fat tie? Solid or pattern...or picture? Are you a bowtie? Clip or not? There are limitless options when it comes to neckware. Tie clip? Tie bar? Tie tack? Or how about a small brooch instead of the conventional tie fasteners?

Like tie clips, cufflinks are also historically accepted man jewelry, letting you don a some flair while staying within the lines.  Cufflinks say "I'm not afraid to wear nice things even if all my friends are wearing t-shirts."  With styles range from decorative to monogram, brushed metallic to gemstones--you really can't get bored!

But if you're not yet comfortable venturing into the world of Mad Men-esque ornamentation, the good old fashion belt buckle is always here for you.

All of the above and more are available at Dovetail Chicago.

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